The Disqualified Round Towers of Ireland

Waterloo (Co. Cork) – visited 7 August 1999

The Round Tower one mile north of Blarney can be easily seen from the N20. It was built in the early 1840´s by Fr. Malt Horgan, the then parish priest of Blarney. It is situated on a little hill close to the church. Like the Kildare round tower it has remains of battlements at its top and it seems never to have had a conical cap. The foundation is massive, but the tower narrows sharply as it rises. It appears that the plans were changed during the building process. There is an ornamented door way about 10 ft from the ground and two inscriptions on the wall. One is showing the date of origin: 1843 and the second inscription in Gaelic declares "God bless Ireland".