The Disqualified Round Towers of Ireland

Slane (Co. Meath)  – visited 10 August 99

This tower in the centre of the Slane stands beside the Catholic church. It was erected in 1802 as a present by a French gentleman who was set free as a prisoner of war. As it was not allowed for the catholic parish to add a church tower to their church, they decided to build a reproduction of a round tower just 15 ft beside the nave of the church. This tower is much smaller than an orthodox one and the shape of the cap is definitely untypical. - The annals record a cloig-theach, full of people and a crozier and a bell, "the best of bells", was burned by the Danes in either 945, 948 or 949. Nothing further is known about it, but this tower is undoubtedly not the one recorded. (B./fl)