The Disqualified Round Towers of Ireland

Saul, St Patrick's memorial church

(Co. Down)  – visited 24 July 99

The round tower of St. Patrick's Church of Saul, close to Downpatrick is one of the more successful copies of a round tower. The proportion and dimensions of the tower are approximatly correct, but it is attached to the nave of the church. On his arrival in Ireland St. Patrick converted the local leader Dichu, who gave St. Patrick a shed as a gift. The shed became a little chapel which St. Patrick visited throughout his life and where he finally died. In the 10th century monks built a chapel of stone close to this place. The new church with the round tower was built in 1932 in memory of St. Patrick arriving in Ireland 1500 years ago. This site might have been a good place for a round tower, but there are no recordings of an earlier round tower.