The Disqualified Round Towers of Ireland

Leighlinbridge (Co. Carlow) – visited 9 August 1999

About 10 miles south of Carlow, close to where the N9 crosses the River Barrow, there is a quite small round tower standing in front of the parish church of Leighlinbridge. It is about ten meters high and has a free hanging bell in place of a cap. The cornices indicate that this tower refers to the round tower of Ardmore. The base is of inferior construction so that the tower could not achieve of its full vertical position. This tower is a mid 19th century reproduction of a round tower and was built to commemorate the parish priests of Leighlinbridge, who died young shortly after they came to this town. The tombstones can be seen directly beside the tower. It is obvious that this tower was never any taller than its present height.