The Disqualified Round Towers of Ireland

The ancient architecture that is most specific to Ireland is the round tower. In no other part of the world does one find a similar construction. Round towers were first mentioned c.950, when a round tower burned down. They were on average between 60ft and 130ft high and the main door was located 7-13ft above ground level. Round towers were not built for a single purpose. As far as is known today, they were used as belfries, shelters, storage rooms etc.. There are 118 round towers still in existence all over Ireland. Not many people know, however, that some of them have to be disqualified. The reason for this is that although they look like round towers, they are not, in fact, genuine ones. Disqualified round towers were never completely documented. This documentation is based on the studies of the Irish historian G.L. Barrow, who invented the category of the disqualified round tower. Barrow´s list was extended by the authors. The recordings were done in 1998-2000.

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           Whitechurch ●

                       Waterloo ●

Dromore ●

                  Ballinspittle ●

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by Frank Lüsing & Alexander Rischer

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