The Disqualified Round Towers of Ireland

Dysert Enos (Co. Laois) visited 9 August 1999

Beaufort in his list of 1792 included a round tower at this site three miles west of Stradbally. Oenghus the Culdee, who first became a monk at Clonenagh, eight miles to the west, is said to have had a hermitage here in the 9th century, from which the name is derived. The square belfry of the ruined parish church stands in an abandoned graveyard at the top of a hill, on the most likely site of the hermitage. The stump of a windmill approximatly 500 yards to the east of it was seen by Austin Cooper in 1782 but had disappeared by the 1830s. Down the hill to the north-east is a surviving round turret of Dysert Enos castle, now attached to a farmhouse. It is often mistaken for a round tower but is certainly not one. (B./fl)